48" Stainless Steel Stir Paddle

SKU: ZP-25
AdobeStock 435702464

About this product

The Zatarain’s Crawfish Stir Paddle is a great addition to your outdoor cooking experience. This 48-inch stainless steel stir paddle offers safe, effortless stirring with no bending or wood splintering. Made for strength and longevity, this paddle is ultra-durable and easy to clean. The extra-long handle and 5-inch wide paddle make the cooking process easier by mixing large amounts of food quickly. Great for stirring pots of seafood, stews, and sauces. This paddle is designed for 2-hand use at a safe distance and fits most standard size stockpots. The Zatarain’s Crawfish Stir Paddle ensures that your southern style dishes are prepared with comfort and ease.  For use with Zatarain’s New Orleans Style 80 QT Crawfish Kit (Not Included).

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