Natural Hog Casings


Product Features

  • “The Best Tasting Casing” ™
  • For a variety of home-made sausages
  • Makes up to 25 lbs. of sausage, 32-35mm (1.25” – 1.31”)
  • Vacuum sealed and packed with salt, Net WT 8 OZ (227g)
  • Product of North America

About this product

The Chard Natural Hog Casings make it easy to create perfect home-made sausages every time. Our hog casings are made of all natural, edible material and ready to use after minimal prep time. Ideal for frying, grilling and skillet cooking. Vacuumed sealed and packed in salt to ensure quality and extend the life of the product.  Chard Natural Casings are 32mm to 35mm in diameter and make up to 25 lbs. of sausage. Handcraft the best tasting sausages like a pro!

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