Food Preparation Products


chard_deep fryer DF31Non-Stick Stainless Steel Deep Fryer 

Item #: DF-3NS

Pack: 4



The Chard™ 3.0 Liter Deep Fryer is made of quality components and of sturdy construction for your deep frying needs. Power and ready lights indicate when the unit is on and when the oil is ready for cooking. Heats quickly to a top cooking temperature of 375˚F. Angled basket hanger helps drain excess oil faster before serving. 2 Liter enamel coated steel cooking tank is durable and easy to clean. Steel cooking basket has folding handle for convenient storage inside cooking tanks.


chard_double deep fyer DF61Non-Stick Stainless Steel Double Deep Fryer 

Item #: DF-6NS

Pack: 1



The Chard™ Double Deep Fryer gives you double the capacity and twice the power for your cooking needs. Dual 3.0 Liter (6.0 Liter total) cooking tanks can cook multiple batches at one time, ensuring your meal is hot and ready at the same time. Steel cooking baskets have folding handles for convenient storage inside cooking tanks. Removable 3.0 Liter cooking tanks are non stick coated steel for durability and easy clean-up.

pizza perfecto oven plain (3)1Pizza Perfecto™

Item #: PO1000

Pack: 1



The Chard™ Pizza Perfecto gives you professional results from your favorite frozen pizzas, appetizers and snacks.  Also cooks garlic toast, pretzels, bruschettas, cookies and more.  Oven is made of high grade stainless steel.  Features a removable drawer with folding stay cool handle and a removable crumb tray for fast, convenient clean up.


pressure_canner_open1The CANner 9.5 Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker 

Item #: DPC-9SS

Pack: 1





chard__french fry cutter profile1Heavy Duty French Fry Cutter
with 4 Cutting Attachments 

Item #: FFC-234

Pack: 2




The Chard™ Professional Grade French Fry and Vegetable Cutter is a premium piece of equipment for the serious user.  Ergonomically designed cast handle uses leverge to multiply force, allowing the user to quickly cut large russet and even sweet potatoes.  Design of unit allows it to be mounted vertically on wall or bolted to a bench or table. Unit includes four cutting plates and corresponding pushers (small, medium and large french fry cutter as well as fruit corer and slicer).  Unit easily disassembles for easy clean-up.


Multi -Chopper1Multi-Chopper

Item #: MC-B

Pack: 8






The Chard™ Multi-Chopper makes preparing fresh french fries, cored apples and other fruits and vegetables quick and easy with little or no mess.  Includes four quality stainless steel interchangeable cutting plates, three pushers, removable base and a cleaning tool.  Slicer blade slices carrots, cucumbers onions, zucchini and more.  The v-wedger creates instant lemon wedges.  The medium dicer is great for french fries and diced onions.  The corer/wedger cores and slices apples and other fruit.  All components are dishwasher safe.


chard_apple pellerProfessional Grade Apple Peeler 

Item #: APS-198

Pack: 12


The Chard™ Apple Peeler will slice, peel and core apples quickly and evenly.  Makes perfect 1/4-inch-thick slices for pies, fresh eating, feezing or dehydrating.  The lever-action suction base quickly and securely attaches to any flat surface. Save time on preparation of your favorite recipes.


chard_grain mill_profile1#150 Grain Mill 

Item #: GM-150

Pack: 4






The Chard™ Grain Mill allows you to grind corn, multi-grain, soybeans or shelled nuts.  A grian mill is perfect for high quailty natural baking, gourmet cooking and serious home beer brewing.  Made of durable tin-coated cast iron for years of dependable service. Features an extra large hopper for extended milling between refills.The clamp-on style easily attaches to any countertop up to 1 1/2 inches thick.  Disassembles for quick and easy clean-up.


ice maker 12_451Stainless Steel Ice Maker 

Item #: IM-12SS

Pack: 1





The Chard™ Ice Maker is durable portable and convenient.  Unit has a high-quality stainless steel finish.  It has easy-to-use soft-touch controls with LCD display monitoring.  Makes up to 35 pounds of ice per day.  Choose from three cube sizes: small, medium, or large.  Features a convenient 19+ hour timer function.  Makes first batch of ice in approximately six minutes.  Unit has a built in reservoir drain, helpful cleaning reminder and includes a convenient ice scoop.


ice maker 15_ice1Stainless Steel Ice Maker
with Water Dispenser 

Item #: IM-15SS

Pack: 1






The Chard™ Ice Maker with water dispenser supplies you with ice and water in one portable unit. Rugged stainless steel body ensures good looks and durabilty.  It’s unique design uses “water cooler” style 5 gallon water jug to conveniently supply ice or cold drinking water.  Features an extendable water spout and push button water dispensing.  Makes up to 40 pounds of ice per day.  Choose from three cube sizes: small, medium or large.  Unit makes first batch of ice in as little as six minutes


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